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  1. Okie Noodling Tournament 2015(16th Annual won by Adrenaline Rush Noodling)
    The 16th Annual Okie Noodling Tournament at Wacker Park in Pauls Valley Oklahoma kicks off this year with an inaugural concert in the park on Friday night, while Saturday will be a fun-filled day of music, food, games…and of course BIG catfish!
  2. Jeremy Wade Goes Handfishin' l River Monsters
    Jeremy Wade goes noodling with Nate Williams of Adrenaline Rush Noodling. Noodling!! Fishing without a rod and reel!!
  3. How to Properly Noodle a Catfish
    Nate Williams, owner of Adrenaline Rush Noodling, demonstrates how to properly noodle a large catfish to ensure that you get him in your boat or to shore. These techniques have helped Nate win several noodling tournaments and they may just help you too.

Hamish &Andy's Gap Year(Season 1 Episode 1-'Bare Handed Fishing')

Hamish and Andy are two T.V. personalities from Australia. They have a T.V. show in Australia called Hamish & Andy's Gap year. It is kind of a Comedic/Talk Show type of program where they frequently visit the field. On this episode  of the New York Gap Year, they find themselves in Oklahoma for a competition in which people compete against eachother to catch the largest catfish. Although their guide Nate Williams and his crew take 2nd this year. The pair of Aussies don't seem to have quite the same knack for it.

"Adrenaline Rush Noodling"

Adrenaline Rush Noodling with guide Nathan Williams!!! A typical day of fishing with Team Adrenaline!! Fun filled excitement!!!!!! Would you like to try out your luck at handfishin? These clients were from Florida!
Irish Gone Noodling
-Oklahoma Style-
Team Adrenaline shows the boys from Ireland something very American... Hand Fishing!! Watch as the lead singer of the Christian rock band "Blue Tree" helps land this nice flathead with his band members encouragment!! Another successful day!! Giving people memories they will never forget.
How to Properly Stringer a  Catfish
The Art of Handfishing
Nate Williams, owner of Adrenaline Rush Noodling, will demonstrate how to properly stringer a large catfish for the art of hand fishing. This technique is essential if you don’t want to lose the catch of a lifetime that you were planning on taking pictures of, entering in a tournament, or putting in your freezer.
Noodling a Giant Mudcat Catfish
Nate and Dillon noodling the North Canadian before Adrenaline Rush Noodling started guiding!
Noodling a Small Blue
Adrenaline Rush Noodling
A nice catch from a client fishing with Adrenaline Rush Noodling Guide Service.
Oklahoma Noodling June 6th, 2013!

​​​Extreme Noodling-Massive Hole!!

​This Puts a whole new meaning into going balls deep into a hole. Watch as Bradley Beesley, creator and filmmaker of Okie Noodling and Mudcats, double teams a hole with Nate Williams and Adrenaline Rush Noodling...If you like Mudcats, River Monsters, Okie Noodling, or noodling period you will love this!!! This is just a typical noodling trip to the river in central Oklahoma. June 26, 2016If

​​​Outdoor Oklahoma-
​Noodling Buddies

Young Nate and Dillon.  The two original members of Team Adrenaline. July 2008.This is an older show and rules and regulations may have changed, so be sure and consult your Oklahoma fishing guide before heading into the woods or waters.
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